It's Up 2 U Community Grant

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Spennymoor Town Band are seeking support from the local community to secure funding through the It's Up 2 U Community Grant, made available through the Area Action Partnership.

We wish to use any money awarded to provide musical tuition to children and young people, fostering a love of brass from an early age.

Over 20 groups and organisations have the opportunity to benefit from the funding, which has a grand total of £40,000. The decision on who receives the money is decided by you - the public. If you live, work or volunteer in the Spennymoor area, and are aged 11 or over, then we need your help! An event will take place on the 8th November between 10:30am - 2pm at Spennymoor Leisure Centre, where members of the public can find out more about the organisations involved (ourselves included!) and cast their votes.

Spennymoor Town Band perform at various events throughout the year, including Durham Miner's Gala, Spennymoor Gala, Rememberance Sunday, Durham Brass Festival, Church services, care homes for the elderley, schools, carnivals, garden parties and many other community events.

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