Bob's back

Sunday 29 June 2014

The band is pleased to share the good news of Bob Hayton's recovery from the stroke he suffered some time ago. His occasional visits have now graduated to twice weekly rehearsals and he is making plans to play at all our engagements this year. The baritone section is re-invigorated and we also welcome Bob's son Calvin and daughter Yasmin on euph and horn respectively.

Well done Bob, it’s good to have you back to full playing strength!

He recently presented the band with a composition, which we’d like to share:

Thanks Spenny.

A pitman’s son who, cap in hand,
has toured the North East, band to band,
Would like to offer up his thanks,
for the biggest music comeback since “Big Frank’s”.

With fifty years to show in bands,
I raise a glass to the best in the land.
To Jean and all the rest of you,
I’m not sure you know just what it is you do.

Brian and Chris, without your car,
I never would have reached this far.
To steal Frank’s words, “Not in a shy way”,
You know by God, “I did it My Way!”

Look out cruel world, ‘cos I am back.
Get ready for my legendary flak.
Thanks to those who, when I nearly died,
Stood up tall and did not hide.

Those early reports of my demise,
were premature - and yes - unwise.
So if you’re down, don’t accept failure,
And see you all at this year’s Gala!

Bob Hayton. June 2014

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