Monday 25 June 2012

Spennymoor Town Band recently kicked off a musical version of Chinese Whispers. On Saturday 23rd June, we braved the wet and windy conditions of Peterlee at Victor Pasmore's iconic Apollo Pavillion and played a specially-composed piece of music by composer Scanner.

Listening to our performance from above, on Pasmore's sculpture, was The Seaham Academy String Quartet. They had the arduous task of listening carefully to the piece as we played it, having to later rehearse and perform the piece without any written music or recordings - relying solely on their memory.

The piece is as a co-commission between Sound and Music and BRASS.

Scanner, on Witness:

The concept is remarkably simple. How well do we remember music on first listen and how much can we recall? Can you hum the melody of a song you just heard a moment ago? How about a week later or even a month?

I would like Witness to be as inclusive as possible, drawing on a range of skill bases, ages and experience, and most significantly to be engaging and entertaining.

Image for news article Witness

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