Les rates mortes

Sunday 17 July 2011

As part of the Durham International Brass Festival, Spennymoor Band joined the Xarxa Teatre company to help perform in their street theatre production of Les Rates Mortes.

The show ‘Les Rates Mortes’ (The Dead Rats) takes its macabre title from the work of the Belgian painter James Ensor, whose art satirised bankers, politicians, millionaires and the like on the theme of ‘You can’t take it with you!’, a highly topical show for our times.

A procession of Xarxa and Spennymoor Band started off the performance, travelling down the high street towards the market place. Stopping at various locations including the Cheapside and Oxford Road, Spennymoor and Xarxa wowed the audience with catchy tunes and pyrotechnics.

The performance continued onto Jubilee Park, where the finale took place. More music, fire, pyrotechnics, and fireworks closed the energetic performance of the evening.

A fabulous time was had by all members of the band, and it has been both a pleasure and a privilege working with such skilled musicians and performers from Xarxa Teatre!

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